More effective Queuing System that lets people self check in

Manage Waiting Areas more Efficiently

Self Check-In will improve your Waiting Area Management

Improve Staff and Customer Comfort & Safety

Increase physical Waiting Area Efficiency

Increase Staff Efficiency & Effectiveness

Improve Customer Communication & Satisfaction

Improve Out-Of-Hours Management & Safety

Here’s how:

  • Three ways to add Customers to your List – they can self check-in by texting-in which doesn’t require them to enter, they can self check-in use an on-site Tablet, and you can add them manually
  • Automated confirmation message sent to Customers on registration
  • People wait elsewhere keeping Waiting Areas congestion-free and without inconveniencing you
  • Multiple staff can manage the List from anywhere on Computers, Tablets and Mobile Phones
  • Staff know who has registered and when they arrived
  • Current wait times can be accurately monitered
  • Staff can call people in with the tap of a button that generates an automated “Come in now” message
  • No need to find people to call them in
  • No need to man the front desk – list can be managed from anywhere
  • Reduces Customer wait-time stress because you can send a quick update with the tap of a button
  • No need for Customers to enter to check if you’re ready for them
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