Queuing Software allows Customers to wait wherever they like

Increase your Customer Comfort

Queuing Software enables people to wait wherever they like

Safer, more comfortable waiting options, and people don’t need to install another App, they just need their mobile phones.

Here’s how:

  • You can allow people add themselves to your List with the text-in option so there is no need for them to enter until necessary
  • Easy for people to register on the Wait List from anywhere that you display your signs eg foyer, car park
  • Once registered, whether they text-in, use your on-site Tablet or you manually add them, people can wait wherever they like without inconveniencing you
  • You can send a quick update to reduce wait-time stress
  • People know they’ll be sent a Come In message only when it’s time for them to enter
  • People will be more comfortable attending out-of-hours appointments
  • People are more likely to book additional appointments & refer others because of your responsible approach
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